Different Types of Van Insurance

 Van Insurance is a complicated topic; as a first-time-buyer you should do your homework and learn about different types of van insurance products available in the UK before buying one. Based on the type of van and how it is used, van insurance policies can be classified under many headings. It is always suggested to know all the details before making the final decision; this will save you lot of time and money; and will bring you profit in the long run.

Let’s take a look at different types of van insurance products.

Van insurance shares the same basic structure with other automobile insurance products; the main three types of automobile insurance, fully comprehensive, third party only (TPO) and third party fire and theft (TPFT) are applicable here as well. However, these categories can be further classified under various branches.

Commercial Van Insurance

This is for the vans used for commercial purposes; majority of the vans in UK fall under this category. It is very important to get suitable business van insurance in place to ensure uninterrupted transportation required to run your business smoothly.

The way a business van used plays an important role when it comes to buy an insurance policy. Whether you carry any hazardous material or not, what type of materials the van generally carries, whether the van is used to pick up and drop employees or workers, whether the van is parked anywhere on the road, whether the materials are loaded and unloaded at pre-defined premises or not – and many such things are there that determine the cost of your commercial van insurance.

If you do not know these aspects of van insurance and just buy the cheapest one, the policy may not cover many incidents that need to be insured.

Different businesses have different types of requirements; if you are running more than one van, you can also choose fleet van insurance policy to insure all the vans at comparatively lower rates.

Vans for Personal Use

If you are not into any business and drive the van for personal use only, you may not want to go for a business van insurance policy. Fleet vans are less-maintained and more-used vehicles; as you are driving the van for personal use you are likely to take better care of the vehicle. Hence, a policy with lesser number of features can also be helpful for you. See, if there is any personal van insurance product that looks good for your requirements.